Family are the Friends You are Stuck With. Friends are the Family You Choose.

I was bit by the travel bug long ago. I blame it on my Mom. Always dragging me along to places I had never seen, and to some that I did not want to go. The yard sales didn’t help either. I grew up restless, always looking for the next sight. My mind became jumpy, always distracted by the next cool trinket.

And I hardly say No to a good story. I blame this one on my Dad. Always supporting me in whatever endeavor, always open minded. He has a million friends, a story for everything and if not, at least a song. I grew up trying everything. I grew up trying to be friends with everybody.

I blame this trip on my parents, it’s in my blood. I’ve been so many places and met so many people that I was bound to get back on the Road. After leaving Oklahoma three years ago today, after meeting so many people along the way, I am setting out to see old friends, live new stories and see all this land had to offer.

I leave on Sunday August 4th. Too many stops to list, to many friends to name, but this is were you can meet them all and experience all 8300 miles.